The possibility to become the owner of 100% shares of the company.

The procedure squeeze-out was entered to Ukrainian corporate legislation the middle of 2017.

To qualify for the squeeze-out one must have or achieve a package of 95% of the share capital of joint stock companies (JSC) and more.

The possibility of reaching the dominant controlling stock interest:

  • Purchase of shares
  • Additional issue
  • Joint actions
  • Merge

The period of implementation of the right to squeeze-out does not exceed 90 days!

The main advantages of implementation of squeeze-out:

  • optimization of the ownership structure of the company;
  • increase of investment attractiveness of the company;
  • simplification of the corporate governance system;
  • reducing the risks of corporate conflicts;
  • minimizing risks of green (black)-mail in and raiding;
  • reduction of maintenance costs of the corporate activities of the company;
  • simplification of the procedure for granting consent to the commission of major transactions and interested-party transactions;
  • ability to not hold a General meeting of shareholders;
  • reduction in corporate reporting.

Complex of squeeze-out procedure includes:

  • Fulfillment of all squeeze-out procedure stages, determined by the legislation.
  • Ensuring of interaction of Dominant Shareholder & JSC with NSSMC, NDU, custodians, bank – escrow agent, valuator, etc

cover preparation of the following documents:

  • notification from the Dominant Shareholder to acquire ownership of the dominant controlling shareholding;
  • corporate reporting on receiving notice of acquisition of ownership of a dominant controlling shareholding;
  • Resolution of the Supervisory Board approving engagement of the valuator for evaluating the market price of the shares and approving the terms of the agreement with him;
  • Resolution of the Supervisory Board approving the price of the mandatory sale of the shares;
  • the notification from JSC to Dominant Shareholder about the price of the mandatory sale of the shares;
  • Public irrevocable demand;
  • the notification from JSC to NSSMC  on public irrevocable demand;
  • corporate reporting on public irrevocable demand;
  • the notification from JSC to NDU on public irrevocable demand, the order on the shareholders list forming;
  • forming of shareholders list for the repurchase, the list is to be provided to the bank  escrow-agent;
  • the notification from Dominant Shareholder to JSC on the money transfer to the escrow-account;
  • the notification from JSC to NDU on the money transfer to the escrow-account;
  • the intsructions to the custodian from Dominant Shareholder on the enrollment of share.

additional services:

  • drafting and approval of an escrow-account agreement;
  • conclusion of an additional agreement between JSC and NDU on the implementation of complex of services for the squeeze-out procedure;
  • corporate reporting related to the squeeze-out procedure;
  • provision of the documents flow between the members of the process.

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