The practice of legal services provided by our firm covers almost all aspects of doing business in Ukraine.

We provide both legal customer service and specific business solutions.

Subscriber service is a fairly common form of cooperation between a law firm and a client. Saad Legal is distinguished by providing such a service not only for current business, but also for corporate activities of the company. Economic activity is impossible without the decision-making by management bodies, without disclosure of corporate accountability and other aspects of corporate business management. We offer to get everything in one place.

An important part of business is contractual law. First of all, it is ensuring timely fulfillment of obligations under economic contracts with contractors and minimizing the risks of business impact.

In addition to direct accompaniment to business, we offer a unique service – “Professional shareholder”. This is a set of measures aimed at protecting the interests of the shareholder, ensuring his rights, controlling the activities of the company and management. This service is needed not only for owners of minority shareholdings, but also for the controlling shareholder, since the loss of control over an enterprise in Ukraine is a commonplace thing.

Other Practice areas

Corporate and M&A Dispute resolution Securities