We are supporting registration procedure of non-governmental organizations (NGO) & charitable foundations (CF) for Ukrainian victory!

We are corporate lawyers!

We do our job good. Contribution to the victory over a terrorist-country may be to help public initiatives in formalizing their official status.

That is why we are ready to help free of charge all those who want to establish a non-governmental organization or charitable foundation during the war against the invaders – russians.

We offer our edition of the non-governmental or charitable organization charter.

The key features of our NGOs charter edition are:

  • simultaneous possibility to elect either a sole or collegial executive body;
  • the right, not the obligation, to appoint a executive board and supervisory board;
  • the right to commit transactions without using the seal (to simplify the document circulation);
  • the possibility of convening and holding a meeting of members online;
  • joining the organization through the submission of an application by e-mail;
  • other changes which are necessary in our opinion.

Our NGO charter version fully complies with the law!

We provide the full amount of necessary templates of documents for the NGO registration, including:

  • the decision of NGO establishment;
  • the register of founders of NGOs;
  • information about the governing bodies and the person who has the right to represent NGOs for registration actions;згоду особи бути обраним посадовою особою;
  • the registration form for NGOs state registration.

We also provide the NGO’s successful registration procedure information!

To receive templates – just send us a request ,